A personal letter from Betty Tan,  I owe my success to you and I am grateful for your continuous support!

Dear Teachers, Parents and Science Adventures Fans, 

 We thank you for being our valued customers and appreciate your continued support with us. 

December 2012 marked the end of my journey of 12 years building a Malaysian Brand called the Young Scientists – a translated Malay edition of Adik Sains (Level 1) Rakan Sains (Level 2)and Tunas Sains (Level 3) . A then very poor quality -from paper , illusrations to language. 

2011 – 2012 , walking through a Very Touch and Difficult Journey, building our very own Proudly Singaporean – SCIENCE ADVENTURES.  

On behalf of English Corner Publishing, I must express my gratitude to you. 2013 has been an extremely difficult time for me and SCIENCE ADVENTURES. Coupled with fighting a fierce battle of Cancer and re-building a brand new home-grown magazine, SCIENCE ADVENTURES, I have to deal with a Business Bully. 

Business Bully

Our previous Malaysian partner of 12 years, Hup Lick Publishing Sdn Bhd under the cover of their Singapore Company Young Scientist Readers Pte Ltd, has been spreading untrue statements and false accusations about our products (Science Adventures) through emails, social media and their very own website plus creating a separate website to tarnish our English Corner! They even trained their temporary staff to spread lies to customers at book fairs!

English Corner has moved on to re-establish ourselves. If English Corner, a Singaporean company, could build success for the Malaysian owned magazine – The Young Scientist, we can do it for our own Singaporean product!! You have given ENGLISH CORNER an amazing opportunity to show that!!!

It has been a tough journey, a challenge and a phenomenal breakthrough for English Corner, and we owe this success to you. Especially to all the parents who have been with us and teachers who have been working with us over the years (2001 to 2019). You have been willing to listen and understand the extreme injustice that HupLick—Young Scientists owner has brought upon us. 

We wish to thank you, our supporters and loyal subscribers who have been with us these last 12 years (2002-2013) and continue from 2013 to 2019. 

We wish you always a beautiful day, a joyous and wonderful year filled with all good things. MAY GOD BLESS YOU always!! 

Respectfully Yours,

Betty Tan, Founder